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Wooden Fumigation

ISPM-15 Fumigation

ISPM-15 Wooden Packing Material Fumigation : - In order to control exotic pests the International Plant Protection Convention which is a representation of 140 countries around the world have formulted and approved two types of treatments for timber packing which will effectively control the pests that are present in the wooden packing material. one is Methyl bromide fumigation with MB marking. Another is Heat Treatment with HT marking.

Antifunagal Treatment

Antifunagal Treatment for wood Packing Materials : - Fungas formation happens due to excessive moisture content in the packing wood material. If the moisture content of the wood is more than 18% fungas development will happen during the time of transit. When the containers are opened at the port of discharge fungas formations on the wooden packing materials possess a great risk. Also due to heavy fungas formation the consignee will not be able to clear the cargo from the container due to unhygienic fungas formations as it affects the health of the unloading workers at the port of discharge, due to strong odour.

Ordinary Methyl bromide fumigation does not control fungas. It only controls live insects and pest. Effective antifungal treatment for wooden packing materials is carried out with effective fungicides prior to shipment or else the wood should be kiln dried.

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